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I first met Kim and Terry in September 2008, After introductions, I told Terry that I wanted to compete. He took me under his wing and prep started. I have been a part of his team, Team N10sity, ever since. Through hard work and dedication and a team of amazing coaches, I’m in the best shape of my life! Here I am, 5 years later, an Ifbb pro and couldn’t be happier!
Jodi Marchuck
I came to Team N10sity after preparing on my own for my first bikini competition. I needed help and several people had recommended Terry and Kim. They took me under their wing and helped get me in the shape I needed to be in to complete. Since then I have earned several 1st place and top 5 placings as well as an Overall win. They have not only helped me be in the best shape of my life at 39 years old but have also been training my entire family for about a year now and gotten them on track with their workouts and healthy lifestyles. Team N10sity has been a big part in getting my son ready for the Coast Guard as well. I couldn't be happier with this group of caring coaches and trainers. They truly care about each individual and really know what they are doing. I look forward to getting my butt whooped at every workout! Thanks for all you do for my family! We love you guys!
Sheralyn McVeigh
Joining the Team N10sity was both an honor and a blessing. The caliber or coaches Kim “Baby Doll” Harris and Terry “The Sculptor” Hairston is out of this world. They have competition down to a science bringing in the top athletes onto the stage in every discipline the NPC and IFBB has to offer. I’m proud to wear the Team N10sity logo, and represent the hottest team on the West coast!
Hunter James Sugiyama
I never thought of myself as young enough or fit enough to become a Figure competitor. When I was 57 Terry and Kim from Team N10sity believed in me and held a vision of what I could be. They have been with me every step of the way from training to nutrition, posing, picking the perfect competition suit and they have NEVER sent me to a show to compete alone without their support! I’ll be 60 soon and in the best shape of my life thanks to Terry and Kim.
Paula Verrengia
Working with Terry Hairston was the breaking point of my career in the fitness industry. He took me in and added me to his TeamN10sity roster, which aided my growth as an athlete! I went in this with a vision and with his close attention to detail and personal interest, he not only joined the vision but saw much more and over time we connect more than any other coach athlete relationship today! Terry Hairston has definitely been a huge part of my success as I have become Mr Physique USA.
GySgt X. T. Gayden
After my first figure competition, I knew that I needed a coach. Luckily, a friend told me about Terry and Kim Hairston and Team N10sity. Not only did this team make me feel welcome, they made me feel like family. From that point on, Terry whipped me into the best shape of my life! I earned numerous first place and top five figure competition awards, including several modeling jobs.Terry and Kim pushed me further than I ever thought I could go. I highly recommend Team N10sity for all you fitness needs!!!
Chanel Roehner
Team N10sity has changed my life. They helped me take an idea, and turn it into a goal. Then that goal, turned into a reality. They got me in the best shape of my life, and coached me all the way to my first NPC show. I am incredibly grateful for the family I have gained. They believe in me and I 100% believe in them. No matter your goal, they will see you to it and hold you accountable for the work you have to put in! Team N10sity ROCKS!
Jessica McMurtry
I first met Coach “T” and Kim going into my freshman year of college at the ripe young age of 18. Being a competitive soccer player since the age of 5 I was determined to play at the next level, however I sustained an injury that kept me from attaining my goal. Having lived and breathed the sport for 13 years traveling to different cities on the weekends and training hard on the weekdays, it was like losing a piece of me and I can honestly say it was emotionally difficult for me to deal with. The timing could not have been more perfect for me to meet these two wonderful people. Ann MarieTerry and Kim introduced me to a whole new word of fitness off the soccer field. Not only did they take my body to levels I did not know possible, and lead me to place first in my very first NPC competition but with their training, knowledge and diet I have been able to reach new heights as an athlete as well. With the combination of their training and my soccer conditioning, now at 22 I am playing soccer again as captain of the Orange Coast College soccer team with hopeful looks at a 4 year university. I am personal trainer, working to attain my BA in athletic training, and a much smarter athlete thanks to these two. You have not only helped me reach my goals of a great physic and living a healthier lifestyle but you have helped me not lose sight of the my passion, not only soccer, but for the world of athletes both in the gym and on the field. You are both so much more than trainers and coaches to me and I love you both J.
Anmarie Moreno
When I decided I wanted to compete I did what I think everyone does in the beginning, I tried it on my own. I figured "I'm a personal trainer, I know about nutrition and training. I can do this." WRONG! Training and dieting for a competition is a whole other ball game, one that needs knowledgeable coaches who are there with you every step of the way. That is EXACTLY what you get with Terry and Kim at Team N10sity. They pushed me, hard, through the entire prep and afterwards. They truly believe in all of their clients and competitors and expect nothing but hard work and dedication from us all. This is not just a competition team, this is a family. I love how everyone feels the same sense of victory when one of us does well. Every goal achieved, no matter how small it may seem, is a huge victory at Team N10sity. The only team I would recommend to someone with a desire to get into the best shape of their life is Team N10sity! They will change your body and your outlook on training... And you get a second family too!
Dani Lilley
TeamN10sity.. I'm not sure where to start on this. I mean, Terry and Kim always seem to be at the right place when I need them most in life. I spotted a picture of Terry ten years ago in a barber shop. At that point in my life someone I knew was suffering from bulimia and I was definitely out of shape so I thought fitness & training would be the key to that dilemma. Instantly within a matter of twelve weeks after starting Terry & Kim's program, I was in the best shape of my life. The transformation had such an impact on me, that I made it a goal to become a personal trainer myself. That was an amazing experience to say the least. Now lets fast forward this journey ten years. I was in a desperate need of change in lifestyle both physically and spiritually. It was at this time that I sought out the dynamic duo couple for a second time to help transform my body into something magnificent. Little did I know that a new category in men's fitness had just opened called Men's Physique. Within a matter of four months, I was on stage in my first ever fitness competition. Thanks to Terry and Kim's eye for great detail my physique was transformed into something I could never imagine! That night I place 1st in my class and is a moment I will never forget. If you really want results and you're willing to put in the hard work and dedication it takes to achieve your goals. Then TeamN10sity is the fitness company your looking for!
Kenny Perkins
I was inspired by seeing a friend of mine’s figure in her competition photos. I asked her how she got in such fabulous shape and her recommendation was to call Terry and Kim. Terry started training me and a month into training I found out I was pregnant. I had to put my dreams and aspirations on hold. However, Terry still continued to train me throughout my pregnancy with exercises that were pre-natal friendly. My first pregnancy was followed shortly thereafter with pregnancy #2. Therefore, I decided to take a little more time off than planned. Finally, after my daughter (baby #2) was almost a year old, I decided to begin seriously training with Terry again. Initially, it wasn't about competing as my primary focus was to get rid of stubborn baby weight and get back to my old self. Terry helped to sculpt my body within a few months and got me right back to where I wanted to be. At that time, Terry let me know that he felt I was ready to compete if that was something I still wanted to do. Of course I did! Kim, trained me as well and showed me proper posing techniques to give me the confidence I needed to go on stage. Terry put me on an amazing(but strict) diet, (which is really now part of my healthy eating lifestyle) and I placed 4th place in my first competition. It was seriously one of the most rewarding feelings in the world. All my hard work really paid off and holding that trophy made me realize it was all worth it! I never would have been able to do this without Terry and Kim, they truly are a blessing!
Falan Marks
Terry and Kim have helped my tremendously through my last 2 contest preps.I had done 2 shows prior to working with Terry and Kim and I thought because I was a collegiate athlete that I could train hard enough to get my body in the best shape, but it is the knowledge that I was truly lacking. I realized I needed coaches to really get my body and presentation to the next level and they did just that.Terry guided me through my diet and workouts and Kim helped with all of the finishing touches that are so crucial to success on the stage.If you are looking to get into your best shape, contact Terry and Kim and they will surely get you there through their knowledge, but most importantly, through your hard work and dedication to the program.
Kirstin Radlinski
Training with Terry and Team N 10sity has made all the difference in my performance in running long distance! Terry has coached me to increase my strength, endurance and instilled the "eye of tiger" all along the way. His workouts are both challenging and fulfilling, and his overall plan effective beyond my expectations! He has made me a better athlete and as a result, I was able to shed minutes from my personal best time and qualify for the Boston Marathon! Terry also put together a plan to help me get me in “wedding ready” shape, creating a diet program and fitness schedule that were achievable and successful! I shed pounds and inches and felt my bridal best, come the big day!
Christina Lopez
TeamN10Sity has been a breath of fresh air from the beginning. Not so much from the beginning on their end as I’m sure I side swiped them with my loud, obnoxious and bar none on my comments personality! Although, they may have asked themselves, what are they getting into with me, they proceeded forth anyway and my Figure career hasn’t been the same since. I hired them to handle my diet as I train myself but the dieting part, I was extremely lacking in! Terry confirmed this by his horrified facial expressions the moment I BEGAN telling him my diet! He took care of my diet plan immediately. I must admit that I had a rocky start with Terry as I just could NOT understand his personality and I guess he didn’t get mine either so it seemed as if he was always getting on me! Luckily, Kim was there to be our mediator and to “translate” for both of us what we really meant. After some time of getting to know one another, I guess Terry decided to further push me by pulling me out of my planned competition and talking me into competing in a competition that would happen in just one week from him telling me! I was shook but he assured me that I was ready! Not only did both he and Kim spend extra time to assist me with improving my posing, they got me a much better loaner suit to use as well as taking care of my tan! Above all, they didn’t just wish me luck and send me on my way but they both attended my show, assisted me with EVERYTHING! Terry posed with me in the back before going on stage, I started cramping and he sought out Pedialite for me, Kim bikini bit me and fixed my hair and cleaned my tan off of my suits so that the gemstones would shine better! While I was drying from my tan, Terry cut up yams into a cup and literally poured them into my mouth for me because I couldn’t do anything with my hands at the time! I ended up taking 1st Place in this show! Needless to say, they’ve gone above and beyond what I could have ever afforded to pay them! ArianAs of July 2013, I am happy to say that they assisted me in gaining my IFBB Pro Card and they were right there to celebrate with me! Having no family in the West Coast and no blood relatives to support me on such an important and wonderful day, it was great to look out and see them standing and celebrating in my families place. Although our relationship has been short I feel like I’ve been knowing them for years! Team Met-Rx and TeamN10Sity has been such a support and blessing to me and my career in such a little time. I am extremely pleased and happy to be part of such a wonderful team! I love you both as well as EVERY single TeamN10Sity member who have ALL supported me by writing such wonderful and encouraging messages on my Facebook wall and via text, through hugs/kisses and cheers and by their mere presence at my shows. It doesn’t get better than this! This isn’t phony or made-up; TeamN10Sity is the REAL DEAL! I am TeamN10Sity and TeamN10Sity get’s it done!! Let’s Gooooooooo!!!!! Thanks-a-bunch!
Arian Elizabeth
IFBB Pro - Fitness, Lifestyle & Runway Model