General Fitness Online Training and Nutrition Programs


Here at Team N10sity we offer structured detailed programs that are designed specifically for your body, metabolism and goals. We want our contest prep clients to go on stage healthy, energetic and in the best condition of their lives.

Based on current physique, clients will need 8, 12, or 16 weeks of prep.

Package Includes:

* Pre- contest training program: (weight training and cardio plan) Leading to the day you step on stage. Updated every 2-4 weeks or more as necessary.
* Pre- contest Nutrition program: ( designed plan leading to the day you step on stage) updated every 2-4 weeks or more as necessary.
* Detailed week out nutrition plan and guidance for the day of show.
* Supplementation counseling,
* Advice on proper suit and Trunks for men (your body type will determine the type of suite and color you need)
* Makeup and Hair counseling
* Tanning counseling
*Stage presence(custom, detailed stage presence according to your body structure)
* One free one on one training session
Pricing Options:
1.)8 weeks
2.) 12 weeks
3.)16 weeks
There will be communication with Kim and Terry via text and email. Body fat measurements will be taken monthly up until show day, adjustments will be made throughout prep.

ONE on ONE Training is available

$40 discount per session during competition prep.

How do I get started?

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