Nutrition Tips for Women

Nutrition Tips
These are just a few tips that might help you develop or adhere to an effective nutrition plan. Feel free to email me with your specific questions and I’ll be happy to help.

Refined Sugar ///
A good rule of thumb is to avoid anything processed or that has refined sugar. These are typically not your most quality foods and could impede your efforts to improve your health and/or fat loss goals. This includes the obvious foods as well as regular soft drinks and fruit concentrate based drinks. Diet soft drinks and other non-calorie/low-calorie drinks (i.e. crystal light) are fine.

Water ///
Bottle of Water Drink LOTS of it. It will flush your system and hydrate your skin, muscles, etc. Your muscles are comprised of 70% water, so you NEED water if you are trying to build muscle. Get used to having at least 1 Gallon of water per day and more if you are leading up to a competition. Contrary to popular belief, drinking more water, does not make your body retain it. On the contrary, your body will learn to process it and help speed your body’s ability to lose fat.

Vitamins ///
You definitely need a good multi-vitamin. Also, depending on how serious you want to get with weights, you may want to incorporate antioxidants to help in muscle recovery.

Fruit ///
Fruit is great, but if possible, try to have it sooner in the day rather than later due to the generally high carb content in most fruits. Carbs are a primary energy source, so if you eat them earlier in the day, they will be efficiently used during your daily activities and/or training.

AlcohoL ///
Alcohol is full of empty calories, so if you are adhering to a strict competition or fat loss diet, you will want to avoid it. If you are maintaining your weight you will also want to limit it in order to avoid weight gain.

Monitoring Your Progress ///
Lifting weights Don’t get too wigged out about scale weight. I get on the scale about once a week just to see where I am. However, weight becomes somewhat irrelevant if you’re trying to add muscle at the same time that you’re trying to lean out. The best monitor for fat loss is your clothes. Also, depending on how aggressively you’re cutting calories it may take a little while for your body to adjust to the decrease. Once your body starts burning efficiently you will begin to see more rapid loss. Have patience and above all be consistent!